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At Caxtons, we are proud to have established an enviable reputation as one of the leading residential estate & block management agents in Kent and South East London.

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we manage almost 200 developments totalling some 6500 units across a wide spectrum of property…

from large residential estates of several hundred flats and houses to simple Victorian houses divided into several apartments. We have extensive, kent property management, experience gained from our work in the residential building management arena.

Caxtons’ clients include residents’ management companies, right-to-manage companies, freeholders and developers.

To enable us to respond efficiently and effectively to any client or tenant issues that arise, we have a dedicated block customer hub who are readily available and able to deal with all day-to-day queries, and immediately action remedial work.

Recognising that property managers are often on site, our clients can rest assured that their needs can be addressed by our block customer hub without delay. Our block customer hub is our clients’ first port of call.

John Sinclair

Head of Estate & Block Management

T: 01474 537733
E: [email protected]

Caxtons is able to provide a complete estate & block building management service, including:

  • Qualified property managers with a dedicated block customer hub to ensure cover at all times.
  • Preparation of year end accounts and reserve fund management by a dedicated and fully qualified accounts team.
  • An insurance department who can provide property related insurances with a wide range of unique and additional risks at competitive premium rates, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Recovery of service charge arrears in conjunction with award winning solicitors.
  • Preparing condition surveys and long-term management plans.
  • Producing statutory and service charge accounts with detailed analysis.
  • Paralegal services for residents selling their house or flat.

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Our residential estate & block management services are fully compliant with both the RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code and ARMA Accreditation, the regulatory regime for residential leasehold managing agents. Accreditation to ARMA puts Caxtons at the leading edge of best practice in property estate & block management.

Through these codes of practice, clients and leaseholders are guaranteed a number of safeguards:

  • Compliance with over 160 rigorous industry standards.
  • Full protection of client monies.
  • Higher professional standards of care.
  • A transparent and open block management service.
  • Access to an independent regulatory panel.


The plethora of health & safety legislation and regulation means that compliance factors high on our agenda. Risk management is monitored through use of dedicated software to ensure inspections, reports and action points are completed promptly, and consequently our estate & property block management clients are fully compliant and up-to-date at all times.

Our fees are structured to reflect the amount of work we undertake, which can range from full residential block management services through to a bespoke tailored service to suit specific requirements.

As a member of RICS and ARLA, Caxtons is bound by strict client accounting regulations, rules of ethical conduct and codes of practice, ensuring:


For advice and more information please get in touch with the estate & block management team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

the problem:

Recommended by another client, Caxtons was approached by the director of a Residents’ Management Company to take on the management of their site, comprising 64 flats & maisonettes on the popular Chafford Hundred Estate, Essex.

The director, who had at this stage become very hands-on with day-to-day management, was at her wits end with their managing agent, communication had broken down, and she was keen to get a new agent on board as soon as possible.

the solution:

Under the terms of the leases, buildings should be re-painted externally every 5 years but this was years overdue and with no financial reserves in place. Our first priority was to address the problem. After a formal tender process, we were able to halve the previous cost of the external re-decoration works – duly completed within our first year of management. 

Now 5 years into our management we have, once again, completed the external re-decoration. This time, due to responsible budgeting, the works were paid for entirely from the reserve fund.

The estate is now managed to a very high standard, and our regular communication with leaseholders is key. Whilst the RMC Director is still involved with the overall decision-making process, she is more than happy for us to deal with the day-to-day management.

estate block management

My fellow Directors and I feel we must thank you for all your help and support during the past few years. We are conscious of the fact that our building has been very demanding on you during this time but it is to your credit that you have steered us through some very difficult times. As you know we consider our property to be a desirable residential complex, well managed, well maintained and well financed and that this is due mainly to your expertise. We should also like to thank you for your help and support last night at our AGM it is very reassuring to have you at our side on these occasions especially when difficult or obscure questions are fired at us. We are very appreciative of your help and professional guidance.

estate block management

Just to say my experience with Caxtons even for the short period I’ve been speaking with you and your team has been excellent and I suspect the complex will be in good hands going forward.

estate & block management

Thank you very much for your extremely prompt action over this matter after my phone call this week. Your maintenance man Steve did an excellent job and the photos were most helpful. The rotten sidepiece of the canopy was heavy and fell off without warning a few months ago. I was afraid that the other side might also fall off and possibly even injure someone.

estate block management

Thank you so much for your email and also for your quick response to my issues raised. I am extremely impressed with the time scale in which it has taken to sort the issues.

estate & block management

I just wanted to put on record my response in dealing with your colleague Nancy Momah. I was delighted by her highly efficient response to my query. I do not attend the Castle’s meetings as we have had little faith over the past few years in the previous management agency and steering committees. I took your advice and emailed your Block Management hub with a query, expecting the usual poor response if any, but Nancy Momah responded quickly with all the information I required, as I said to her if this is an example of your agency’s professionalism then all the residents of the Castle will greatly benefit. It may even start to resurrect my faith in how the Castle is managed.