Staff at Caxtons like their cakes. They like to bake cakes and to decorate them, but most of all, they love to eat them! So the Macmillan Caxtons’ Bake Off was an ideal opportunity to showcase their talents and dazzle the judges with their culinary skills whilst helping raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The level of baking skills once again amazed Director Charlotte Laherty, who is head of Caxtons’ Social Committee. From a cake named “The Rocky Road of Property Management” – a fabulous chocolate creation – to a Salted Caramel Cake, they were all divine.

One entrant donated a shop bought cake, which the judges devoured with gusto and declared it the winner – only to realise the error of their ways and relegate it to bottom of the league (licking their lips all the way).

Managing Director Neil Chatterton, who produced an impressive Lemon and Elderflower entry, was upgraded and named winner (no currying favour there then!) after the shop bought version left the room!

A trophy was duly awarded to the winner who beat property manager Michelle Barker’s ‘The Rocky Road…’ into 2nd place by just a morsel and a crumb. In 3rd place was Sandra Strange with her delicious Salted Caramel Cake and Charlotte Laherty was presented with a runner’s up 4th place for her chocolate Devil’s Food Cake.

Charlotte said “it is such good fun taking part in the bake-off, which has turned into a surprisingly competitive annual event. If I’m honest it can bring out the worst in some of us - and a can be a bit fierce.

“However, the upside is that it raised much-needed funds for an incredibly important and exceptional charity. Macmillan is there at the most difficult moments in a family’s life – not only to support cancer sufferers, but also for partners and families whose suffering can be unbearable.

“An enormous thank you to everyone – not forgetting Emma Tew who donated the ‘snuck in’ shop bought edition!”

This year, Caxtons raised £120 for Macmillian by dividing and selling slices of the scrumptious gateau.