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Caxtons’ investment consultancy team provide comprehensive advice in respect of commercial and residential investment opportunities throughout Kent and the South East.

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a bespoke service tailored to your individual investment requirements

We act on behalf of property companies, private individuals and personal pension schemes across the county, and have the expertise and experience necessary to offer relevant advice on a wide range of schemes.

Our investment consultancy service includes:

  • Property search: Dependent on budget and brief, we tailor our property investment search to each client’s particular requirements.
  • Inspection of the property internally and externally.
  • Researching the local market: The team’s local and regional expertise extends beyond our immediate geographic area. As author of the highly regarded Kent Property Market Report we have all the research at our fingertips, plus more.
  • Reviewing the legal documentation
  • Providing advice and negotiating a purchase
  • Liaising with solicitors to ensure a smooth transition to completion

Our investment team is experienced at advising both seasoned investors and those looking for commercial property investment opportunities for the first time. As part of our commercial property services, our investment specialists have the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that clients receive a bespoke service, tailored to their individual investment requirements.

In addition, we can assist you post completion. From property insurance services to commercial property management and commercial agency  our specialist staff are available to provide advice and assistance to your investment project.

For advice and more information please get in touch with the commercial investment consultancy team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Neil Chatterton

BSc MRICS Managing Director T: 01474 531757 E: [email protected]

Charlotte Laherty

BSc (Hons) MSc MRICS
Director, Head of Commercial Property Management

T: 01474 531750
E: [email protected]

Charlotte Laherty

BSc (Hons) MSc MRICS
Director, Head of Commercial Property Management

T: 01474 531750
E: [email protected]

the problem: A client was looking for a particular investment to expand his portfolio.

We located a perfect fit in a small parade of secondary shops in a strong location in a large residential area, immediately adjacent to a mainline train station in Bexleyheath. A large loading / parking yard to the rear with a detached but derelict building, once used as a store but now redundant, made this an attractive prospect.

On the ground floor there was a Co-op convenience store plus four smaller shops in the parade and a local business was using the entire first floor.

We identified some rental growth from the smaller local shops on review / renewal with potential rental and capital appreciation to be realised by better use of the large first floor of the property and the derelict building.

The tenant of the first floor was paying a low, market rent. However, the value of this space could be significantly enhance by converting to residential accommodation.

A small scheme of flats could also be built to replace the derelict building.


We successfully purchased the property on behalf of our client. The small retail units provide a good and relatively secure income for the client. They have a strong covenant in the convenience store, but due to the more local nature of the other shops in the parade the income return is still attractive when compared with other investments.

There is a good spread of risk due to the number of tenants and the variety of unit sizes.

We are reviewing the possibility of a residential scheme in the upper parts and the rear yard, which would significantly enhance the rental income, and also its capital value.

We will undertake a schedule of works to improve the condition, appearance and longevity of the building in order to achieve the best rents for the shops. All rents will be reviewed and all leases renewed in a timely fashion to ensure the client benefits from any uplift in the market rent.

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