Kent Property Market 2022 – Have you registered?

The annual Kent Property Market Report will be 31 this year and is a document that’s been lauded as ‘best practice’ by local authorities and property sector experts alike. Unique in the UK, the report is a comprehensive and credible guide to development in Kent

Since 2013, Caxtons Property Consultants has been pivotal in researching, analysing and compiling the Kent Property Market Report (KPMR) data.

During that time, we have gathered, studied and analysed an enormous amount of information, from our own and other property experts across the county. With our partners at Kent County Council and Locate in Kent, and together with the support of Kent based contributors and sponsors, we have delivered an incredible number of statistics and trends in a digestible Report document that focuses specifically on Kent.

For the past decade we have diligently reviewed and updated the information we provide and spoken to Report-users across the property, investment and finance sector about it. This year, we commissioned specific research into how KPMR launch attendees and Report recipients exploit the document and the data; what value, (if any) they get from it; and how we might best improve it.

The response to our questions was positive and we received suggestions on how to improve this year’s Report – a number of which we are incorporating into the 2022 document.

Participants were from all walks of the professional and property sectors.

  • 55% of those surveyed said they use the Report as a general source of information, many on a day-to-day basis.
    They value it as:
  • Providing an insight into all sectors of the Kent property market
  • Its specificity to Kent
  • that it provides a strategic overview of the county’s property market

In particular:

  • “It’s a great insight into the trends of the Kent property market. The face-to-face meetings get a vast amount of Kent individuals from all sectors under one roof.”
  • “A great benchmark and showcase of Kent development, it helps us focus our marketing efforts in the right direction…”
  • “Enables our property and commercial teams to update themselves on the marketplace so that they can speak knowledgeably to clients.”

This year we are planning an in-person event, which will be recorded and available to those who prefer a virtual option. For other innovations you will have to join us at the launch to learn more!

Over the past decade the sector continued a slow recovery from the earlier recession, only to be faced with a devastating pandemic that impacted landlords, tenants, work trends and individuals in equal measure. In that time, we have greeted and bade farewell to 13 housing ministers, but whatever changes or challenges we face, Caxtons will continue to bring you the evidence to make an informed decision – never forgetting that property was, is and always will be a good long term investment.

 To register interest in attending the launch on the 8th November 2022 or to secure a copy of the Kent Property Market report please contact Nicola Webster: [email protected]

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