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Last year was Caxtons' first experience as a Patron member of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.

David Gurton, Marketing & Business Development Director said "We were delighted with the many opportunities we benefitted from during our initial twelve-months as a Patron member and consequently have renewed our patronage for 2018 and are already planning for a busy year ahead.

"One of the primary advantages of such a strategic partnership with KICC is that we are kept informed of what is happening across the business community and sectors in Kent. In addition, it has enabled introductions to other Patrons and members and their companies, and has opened doors that would otherwise have been more difficult to access.

"We have found that KICC are able to promote the particular issues faced by companies and professionals in Kent to the British Chambers of Commerce. For us, and if timely, this information can then be fed directly into a policy team in Westminster, placing the firm in a position of influence."

Through KICC's Economic Development Groups, Caxtons has been able to help inform Chamber views on local and national issues and engage in government consultation.

David continued "As lead contributor to, and headline sponsor of the Kent Property Market Report, Caxtons is well informed on Kent's property market – whether commercial property, residential property or investment in property. Therefore we are able to speak with authority and confidence on the state of the Kent property market and the wider South East property market.

"Using the additional opportunities available as a Patron member of KICC, we intend to apply our specialist property knowledge on the topic and the sector, and to continue disseminating this vital research and what it reveals to as wide an audience as possible."

As Caxtons enters its second year as a Patron member of KICC it sends a special welcome to those new to the Chamber and invites all members to visit or contact David Gurton on 01474 537733 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to discuss any property issues that may benefit from expert advice.

David Gurton  Jo James from KICC

David Gurton from Caxtons with

Jo James, Chief Executive of KICC