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At Caxtons, we believe in providing the very best property managed insurance for our clients.

We take the complexity, worry and delay out of the entire insurance process, advising our clients from the inception of their property owners’ insurance policy to the final claims settlement.

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a unique and innovative property owner’s insurance policy

As a business owner you will have numerous hats you need to wear to ensure the smooth function of your company on a day-to-day basis. Indeed, there can be so many that sometimes it becomes difficult to consider the ‘what ifs’, and seek appropriate protection.

We have sourced a unique and innovative property owner’s insurance policy through which to insure our clients’ properties. The Pi-Property policy takes the hassle out of insurance, and – as many of our clients have already discovered – exceeds their expectations in this vital area of property management.

Caxtons’ property managed insurance department specialises in providing a variety of property insurances to more than 600 clients, covering a broad spectrum of over 1,000 properties countrywide, with a total sum insured in excess of £2 billion and total premium spend of over £2 million.

Our residential and commercial property insurance for landlords includes:


  • Full ‘All Risks’ cover
  • Property owners liability insurance of £25m
  • A wide range of unique and exclusive additional benefits
  • Terrorism cover
  • Note policy excesses may apply.


  • Fast track arrangement for claims up to £5,000. Claims settled by BACS upon receipt of final invoice.
  • Streamlined system for processing larger claims resulting in quick and fair settlement with a minimum of fuss.
  • Quotations: Comprehensive quotes normally provided within 24 hours.
  • Documentation: Policy documents and certificates available to Caxtons on-line therefore no delay in issue.
  • Available electronically or hard copy.

Market leading premiums:

Our property managed insurance clients benefit from the genuine purchasing power we can exercise, both as a result of our substantial insurance portfolio and excellent reputation that we have established within the insurance sector.

Caxtons are constantly assessing how the changing nature of risk affects property owners, and ensure the wording of our property owners’ insurance policies keeps abreast of such changes, and adapts accordingly.

For more information, advice or to get a quote, please get in touch with our property insurance team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Bethan Smith

Head of Insurance Services

T: 01474 531765
E: [email protected]

the benefits of tailored ‘all-risks’ cover

Under Caxtons’ exclusive residential and commercial property insurance for landlords through Pi-Property Insurance, the extent of the ‘All-Risks’ cover provided under the policy is second to none.

As well as the cover you would expect to see in a property owners’ insurance policy, such as malicious damage, landlord contents and property owners’ liability, our policy features a number of additional benefits. These covers are often utilised, and regularly provide financial assistance to policy-holders when many alternative policies would not respond in the same way, as these live examples illustrate:

Fly tipping: Two lorry loads of used tyres were dumped on the forecourt of a client’s premises, which had to be removed. Claim paid – cover up to £100,000.

Tree removal: A large tree fell from adjacent land (owner unidentified) causing damage to the boundary fence and a significant cost in cutting up and removing the tree. As the building was not damaged many policies would not respond. Claim paid – cover up to £10,000.

Malicious Damage: A joyrider drove a vehicle through communal gardens, causing significant damage to shrubs, lawns and a paved area. Claim paid – automatic cover up to £50,000.

Trace and access: A leak in a block of flats proved very hard to find, and significant costs were incurred in tracing the source. Many insurers limit their exposure. Our cover provided for unlimited costs.

In addition to our property owners’ policy, we are able to provide other property related insurances, such as:

Directors and Officers liability insurance
Engineering cover
Contract works cover
Property owners’ liability

Experience has shown that, on occasion, property owners, tenants and management companies are not well served by their property insurance brokers.

We have worked with our insurance brokers Clear Insurance Management (formerly Morrisons Insurance Solutions) for over 15 years and have an extremely proactive and close working relationship, enabling us to provide property managed insurance you can rely on.

Our no-obligation quotation has proved attractive to many new clients, who have discovered the benefits of this bespoke Caxtons’ property owners’ insurance scheme.



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Caxtons is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Appointed Representative of multi-award winning insurance broker, Clear Insurance Management Ltd. Treating the customer fairly, high service standards and duty of care are an integral part of our insurance services. We aim to exceed expectations in the provision of the vital service of residential and commercial property owners insurance.

Caxtons is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

insurance department

As clients we are happy with your current provision for the Block, Public Liability & Directors & Officers insurance. There is a professional valuation (Reinstatement Cost Assessment) carried out every three years, which calculates the declared value for the block. We are pleased that this includes a provision to completely rebuild the block, and to re-house all Leaseholders for the duration of the re-build. We can also confirm that we are happy with the service provided by Caxtons’ insurance department.

Chairman of a residents' block management committee

insurance department

We really appreciated your explanation on Friday of the comparisons between the quotes, and your personal involvement to negotiate a reduction. These things are not fully understood by us and it is really reassuring to have your help and expertise.

Block management, insurance client