Tamsyn Muller was full of excitement and expectation having been offered an unconditional place to study for a postgraduate degree at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

Being well organised, she found and secured accommodation in Tyler Court, university accommodation that was being marketed by Caxtons Student Lettings department in Canterbury. She paid an administration fee, completed her tenancy agreement form and was just waiting for the day she would move in.....

However, soon afterwards, the University of Kent contacted Tamsyn to say that, due to an administrative error, she had been accepted without being interviewed – which was against protocol. An interview was organised for the third week of August and unfortunately Tamsyn was told that the university had decided not to offer her a position on the course.

This was an obvious blow and not only did it throw her plans for 2018/19, but meant that she would no longer be relocating to Kent and didn't need the accommodation she had organised.

She immediately contacted Caxtons Student Lettings in Canterbury to let them know of the situation and offered to send documentation as evidence her tale of woe. She requested they withdraw her tenancy form and put the

property back on the market. Even though the error was on the part of the university, not hers, she imagined that the pre-paid admin fee – used for work involved in referencing, tenancy preparation and other such activities - was lost.

This is when Samantha Collins, who works in Caxtons Student Lettings, took the problem to Duncan Reeves, the head of the department, and questioned just what they could do for Tamsyn, who had experienced enough misery already.

The outcome was that Tamsyn's admin fee was refunded in full and the property was put back on the market without further ado. She was so delighted that she wrote:

Hi Samantha,

That is truly amazing news, I'm so grateful for all the help and understanding I've received from you and the Canterbury office

Hugely appreciated.

Best wishes,


And the moral of this tale – some Letting Agents have big hearts.

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