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As a student, the idea of leaving halls and going house-hunting can be a scary prospect, and with so many considerations to factor in, it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

Well stop that worrying, it’s much easier and straightforward than you might think! And with these great top tips, you’ll have nothing to worry about.



Most students do not have the luxury of Ubers and taxis, but transportation costs are not going to disappear. From getting to campus and back or getting to your parents with a suitcase full of laundry on the weekend, the costs can soon add up. It is even reported that some students will pay almost £900 per academic year on getting around. The good news for students in the UK and Canterbury students particularly is that there are ways you can save money when getting from A to B. Here are our top tips.


Everyone knows the benefits of eating well on our physical health, but not as many people realise the mental and cognitive benefits of having a nutritious diet. Getting enough of the good stuff can improve our memory and our brain power, making it a necessity for all of us but especially those still studying.