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After a long summer of anticipation, the big day arrives and you begin the next chapter of your life - university! On ‘arrivals day’ most students will be going through a rollercoaster of emotions: excitement, nerves, and potentially the sadness of leaving home for the first time.


To help you with the big move, here are a few simple tips for settling into university.


Student life has been eased somewhat by the veritable array of technology now available. There are some hundreds of student gadgets around that seem tailor made to suit simple student life (including a toaster that will make your beans at the same time)! The best thing is that you don’t have to break the bank for technology to help your day to day life.

Many students will choose to set up a bank account for the first time when they head to university. Banks know that this is their prime time to promote themselves, as once committed to a bank very few people will switch and your future earnings potential makes you an inviting prospect. This means that banks tend to offer their best rates or deals to students opening their accounts with them for the first time.

With so many offers on the table, how do you find the best bank account for you? Planning ahead is helpful, as the mad rush of freshers can often distract from the most sensible decisions!