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When you first think about starting University, student halls are probably the accommodation that springs to mind. This is the most common route for new students with most universities providing places for first-year students in their own residence. This isn’t the only route however and there are many housing choices available to you.


We’ve broken down just a few of the options below, along with a few pros and cons to help you with your decisions.




As a student, the idea of leaving halls and going house-hunting can be a scary prospect, and with so many considerations to factor in, it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

Well stop that worrying, it’s much easier and straightforward than you might think! And with these great top tips, you’ll have nothing to worry about.



The stereotype of the messy student is one which unfortunately rings true for many. We’ve all seen that one plate left on the side turning into a leaning tower of cutlery at one point or another. To save yourself from getting ill or catching the dreaded fresher's flu, it might be time to don the rubber gloves and doing a little spring cleaning.


To help, we have got some of our favourite cleaning tips below.